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The firm was founded on 07/10/1986 with registered offices at Via Provinciale Leno-Fiesse, 36/a, Gambara (BS), and with fully paid-up share capital of 413,816.00 euros. It was initially a limited company, changing to a public limited company by means of an Extraordinary Assembly on 28/10/1998.

GAMBARA ASFALTI SPA has operated for many years in the manufacture of bituminous conglomerates, with production premises at the same address, Via Provinciale Leno-Fiesse 36/a, Gambara (BS), and in the public and private sector, carrying out work on roads, urban areas, earth movement, sewage and water supply systems and general demolitions.

On 30/11/2012 GAMBARA ASFALTI SPA merged with Società Conglomerati Bituminosi Srl, and opened a local branch at Via delle Industrie 21/a in Spinadesco (CR), where it manufactures bituminous conglomerates; it also obtained provincial permission for the opening of a centre for the recuperation of non-hazardous special waste (CER 170302 – 170904 – 170504).

GAMBARA ASFALTI SPA has a team of specialised personnel, highly qualified and trained; technical equipment and vehicles which are highly suited to the execution of its operations in terms of both quality and performance.

Furthermore, in the execution of its work, GAMBARA ASFALTI SPA pays enormous attention to issues regarding the environment, health and safety at work and professional development.